CES Phones

Get a great toll free number for your business or campaign.

CES Phones ProductsCES Phones provides a solution for clients who need a premium vanity toll free number. With CES Phones there are none of the upfront costs comonly passed on when acquiring a premium toll free number from other providers.

The Right Toll Free Number can be the Key to continued Success

A uniquely memorable toll free number helps your customers remember your phone number and are more likely to call you first! Regardless of business you're in, it is beneficial to have an 800 or toll free number, the proven method for your business to increase sales and improve retention rates.

Customers associate toll free numbers with high quality products and reputable business. Businesses who use a vanity toll free number that matches their brand project a feeling to the public that products and services from them are superior to the competition who advertises with a regular local, or long distance number.

CES Phones works with customers ranging in size from small startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Let CES Phones activate your toll free number today and get these services FREE:

* FREE Voicemail System
* FREE Online Fax Services
* FREE 100 Minutes/month
* FREE Call Conferencing
* FREE Online Account Management
* FREE Call Forwarding
* FREE Call Blocking
* FREE Access to Call Details