CES Phones

Small Business Solutions

5 to 499 Users

CES Phones small to medium size business plans offer quality and cutting-edge features aimed at cost savings and efficiency. Your company will realize the benefits almost imediately. All CES Phones plans and packages are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee!

Sample services:
Virtual Office
Hosted PBX and VoIP
SIP Trunking
Mobility Solutions

Unlimited CORE Extension Plan
The CES Phones Unlimited CORE Extension Plan starts at only $34.95/mo! Smaller offices of 5 to 10+ phones or users will find the Unlimited Extension plan to be the perfect fit. The Plan is cost effective and is complete with all the same features as our larger plans while still being fully upgradable to see your company though growth cycles.

Business Plans with Shared or Unlimited Usage
Companies that have grown beyond the "pay per device" offerings of other providers will find the benefits of Hosted PBX and VoIP solution to be an efficient progression forward at the lowest price possible. If your business has additional phones in conference rooms, in empty or shared offices, open cubicles, or at employee home offices the CES Phones Business Plans are engineered for you.

SIP Trunking
If you require more from the PBX you already own CES Phones can help. Take advantage of our SIP trunking and experience the business continuity and cost savings VoIP can bring to your company. The CES Phones Enhanced SIP Trunk service has an extensive automatic disaster recovery feature set that will continuously protect your data with coud backup technology.

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