CES Phones

CES Phones ProductsIt has been revealed that more than one third of all VoIP service providers do not realize that they have service quality problems until a customer complaint is placed.

This is not the case with CES Phones. We have implemented the proper Network Management System (NMS) for our VoIP deployments, this allows our Network Operations and Field Technicians to identify and troubleshoot problems imediatly as they happen without relying upon a customer complaint to initiate an corrective service action.

As your Hosted PBX provider CES Phones posesses the ability to proactively monitor detailed call quality statistics including MOS, jitter, latency, and many other measurements. Advanced network monitoring systems and diagnostics linked to online knowledge bases automatically give network technicians updated information with troubleshooting tips. This vastly increases efficiency when identifying the issues related to call quality. More importantly it reduces the time that your business is affected by the trouble and in most cases before you are affected.