CES Phones
Small Business Solutions

5 to 499 Users

The CES Phones small business solution offers the high quality, state of the art features that boost productivity, and cost savings your business needs to succeed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Enterprise Solutions

500+ Users

CES Phones Hosts and installs enterprise solutions custom designed to ensure maximum value at the lowest cost possible. Performance and ease of maintenance is what sets this phone system apart!



Hosted PBX and Business VoIP: Simplified Installation

When you compare premise-based PBX, to Hosted PBX System you'll find the installation of a Hosted PBX System is considerably less complicated. CES Phones implementation requires fewer steps, and only a small amount of equipment gets shipped to your place of business. The Hosted PBX System does not require burn-in new of hardware, rack assembly or the need to install or test on-site software.

Your companies participation in the installation process will be considerably reduced in activities like station reviews, directories and detailed network planning.

The CES Phones Hosted PBX system can be implemented one line at any time. The service can co-exist with premises equipment that may be needed to support other users. It is no small consideration that a solid Hosted PBX and Business VoIP Provider will eliminate the need for a flash cut-over, which is a major advantage over a premise-based IP PBX system.

Your company will benefit from implementation costs that are much lower for a Hosted PBX system than those for a premise-based PBX. Request a quote today!

Hosted PBX Maintenance

When critical problems pop up that cannot be corrected remotely, premise-based PBX customers are at the mercy of technician dispatcher. Many premise-based PBX service agreements have a Service Level Agreement clause that gives the repair technician four hours to get to your location. If your business can no longer communicate with the outside world, especially customers, This can significantly impact your revenue. CES Phones maintains 24 hour maintenance to assist you immediately if ever a issue should arise. All of CES Phones Hosted PBX and Business VoIP service plans are covered with this system. Rest assured that if anything should ever be outside the norm; that we are working to correct the problem as soon as we are notified.

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