CES Phones

CES Phones Managed Server Solution

CES Phones ProductsThe CES Phones Managed Server Solution is perfectly suited for small to mid-sized businesses that need a enterprise grade PBX and business VoIP solution, without the higher cost and complications of outdated premise based hardware alternatives. CES Phones manages the PBX appliance for you at our carrier facilities. You business will benefit from all the cutting edge features and functions, better scalability, redundancy and business continuity, without the trouble of maintaining a phone closet.

The CES Phones Managed Server Solution incorporates a dedicated server running advanced, proven, reliable and capable Asterisk PBX software. Our service includes all of the CES Phones Hosted PBX and VoIP standard features, and more. Some of CES Phones advanced features include:

  • Ability to connect or integrate with third party technologies such as Outlook, Salesforce.com and SugarCRM integration (requires 3rd party plug-ins or professional services)
  • Firedialer option
  • Call recording option
  • Configurable web based control panels for individual users
  • And much more...

The CES Phones plan offers the ability to customize and manage your shared usage plan across all users in all locations. This is a major advantage for your company, as compared to competitive VoIP providers that struggle to make their prepackaged plans or residential services meet your unique business needs. CES Phones services are easily configured to fit your companies requirements, and to provide advanced capabilities at extremely competitive rates.

What's Included?

• Hosted CES Phones Server
• Up to 150 users/extensions (additional users/extensions available)
• Approximately 50 GB of storage for voicemail, recording, etc.
• All CES Phones standard features
• Call center module
• Conference bridge services
• FREE on-network minutes
• Configuration backup services provided by CES Phones
• Hot spare availability
• Server maintenance and administrative services
• NO RISK 30 day money back guarantee
• Usage plans not included

Calling Plan Options:

• Shared usage options include pay-as-you-go, pre-paid discounted minutes or UNLIMITED domestic minutes
• Burstable call path option
• One or many telephone numbers or DIDs
• Multiple location and mobile worker support
• Professional services for advanced or custom configuration and training

This server supports up to the following:

• Up to 150 users, and 45 concurrent calls*
• Up to 10 concurrent recorded calls*
• Up to 15 simultaneous conference users*

*No call paths or domestic, international or usage of any kind is included in this package
Minimum Requirements: A business broadband connection and three virtual call paths.
Additional monthly and one time fees apply.