CES Phones

CES Phones ProductsCES Phones provides a secure, automated data backup solution optimized for small and medium-sized companies. CES Phones Data Preservation Solution archives, automatically, server data and transfers it via an encrypted connection to private Tier 1 data centers. The CES Phones solution eliminates unforeseen of data loss and downtime which can result from human error, virus, or disaster while freeing up you from the drudgery of nightly tape backups. All CES Phones Data Preservation Solution clients enjoy 24 hour recovery access.

CES Phones Data Preservation Solution is a a secure, hassle free service that eliminates the tedious task of maintaining a traditional backup solution. You wont have to worry about checking backup logs, tape swapping, or rotating media off-site. CES Phones handles the backup, secure transmission, and storage of your data, allowing your business to concentrate on what it does best.

If your data is not currently backed up automatically and stored in multiple off-site locations using the latest, highly-secure encryption for transmission, I strongly urge you to consider the services of CES Phones Hosted PBX and Business VoIP solution.

CES Phones Data Preservation Solution provides, managed, backup and storage services for business data.

Stand-Alone or Supplemental Protection:

In addition to data protection, CES Phones services are available as an off-site supplement to your existing backup system. Custom, Secure, web based Data Backup Services:

• Regularly tested and monitored
• Fast recovery/minimal downtime
• Assists with regulatory compliance of your company’s data (GLB, SOX, HIPAA)
• Redundant, physically separate data centers
• 100% dependability
• Optional “bare-metal” backup with ability to “virtualize" your server.