CES Phones
Small Business Solutions

5 to 499 Users

The CES Phones small business solution offers the high quality, state of the art features that boost productivity, and cost savings your business needs to succeed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Enterprise Solutions

500+ Users

CES Phones Hosts and installs enterprise solutions custom designed to ensure maximum value at the lowest cost possible. Performance and ease of maintenance is what sets this phone system apart!



Intuitive & Powerful Real Time Web Portal

CES Phones runs a state of the art intuitive and powerful system management web portal. Users are given the ability to edit setting and see results instantly, “on the fly,” instead of wasting time calling into a support center and submitting a change request which can take considerable time to implement. In turn this drives unforeseen and unnecessary costs, of which is clearly out of sync with the revenue goals that drive new commercial VoIP services to begin with. The powerful administrative tools, with intuitive interfaces, are available for all advanced configurations.

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