CES Phones
CES Phones competition comparison:

Lead with Quality, then Capability AND Value

Many of our customers learn about us from our current customers, or by searching the Internet for a Hosted PBX or VoIP provider. They quickly find that there are a number of Low-end Hosted PBX and VoIP providers that are fine for residential and micro-business users (under 5 users), but when you need a business quality, reliable and scalable Hosted PBX and VoIP partner, CES Phones stands alone.

Competitive Comparison   CES Phones
Regional Resellers National VoIP Providers Inter-
Hosted PBX comparable to high-end installed PBX   YES YES LIMITED NO
Business quality VoIP   YES LIMITED NO NO
Ability to custom configure features/functions   YES LIMITED NO YES
Easy to use enterprise capabilities, without expensive hardware, software and professional services (ie/ no more phone closet)   YES LIMITED NO NO
Pay Per Device (PPD) or Pay Per Company (PPC) plans   YES LIMITED LIMITED NO
Customer portal with integrated billing system   YES LIMITED NO NO
Reseller portal with integrated reseller billing system   YES NO NO NO
Ability to scale from 5 users to 200+ uesrs   YES LIMITED NO NO
Infrastructure based on 3rd party proprietary (expensive) software   NO YES YES -
Infrastructure utilizing best-of-class technologies (i.e. Cisco, Intel, etc.) with 100% control on roadmap features and functions based on customer requirements   YES NO NO -

NOTE: Regional Resellers are companies who are reselling a "soft switch" managed by another company (they don't own or control the infrastructure). National VoIP Providers are companies marketing to the entire US without a local presence or regional focus. Interconnects are companies who sell customer premise based phone systems (hardware, software, and labor).