CES Phones

Call recording with rich features for everyone and every business.

With the CES Phones Hosted Call Recording solution you record every VoIP call in its entirety automatically or individul calls or even call segments on demand. VoIP call recordings are securely stored and can be retrieved at a click of a button at any time. Recording records can be searched by a many parameters such as time of call, to and from numbers and call duration. CES Phones Hosted Call Recording offers individual users and companies of any size, the ability to have enterprise-class call recording and to maintain large volumes of voice data efficiently and securely.

CES Phones ProductsHosted VoIP Call Recording - Our Service Benefits:
Accessible VoIP Recording:
Available to all clients.
100% recording just like having a call recording server on premises
Lower cost to implement and maintain.

Enterprise-Grade Call Recording:
Advanced recording production tools.
Safe, secure recording format.
Advanced record search capability.
Feature-rich recorded playback.
Export and e-mail call recordings in WAV, MP3 or secure proprietary format.

Hosted Voice Recording System:
Zero investment and maintenance costs.
Integrates easily with any communication solution.
Scaleable equipment and technology.