CES Phones
Small Business Solutions

5 to 499 Users

The CES Phones small business solution offers the high quality, state of the art features that boost productivity, and cost savings your business needs to succeed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Enterprise Solutions

500+ Users

CES Phones Hosts and installs enterprise solutions custom designed to ensure maximum value at the lowest cost possible. Performance and ease of maintenance is what sets this phone system apart!



Custom Solutions

Business quality VOIP services are experiencing greater success in the residential market. Residential customers enjoy lower prices, while business users take advantage of services that have features beyond the typical phone company service. Neither of these customer bases demands the strict requirements that a high end commercial VoIP service will require. When servicing large, national enterprises or small to mid sized regional companies, providers should target specific and challenging needs that more often than not don’t exist in the consumer market.

Business clients demand perfection and will not tolerate delays, errors, or failures associated with their phone services. Voice lines are a integral gateway to income and customer contacts. Companies are extremely mindful of anything that could risk revenue, that's why strengthening their confidence with a smooth transition to VoIP and a intuitive and worry free administrative and user experience is needed to land and retain these high value clients.

These are a few ways that CES Phones delivers Business Grade Hosted PBX to small business and enterprise level customers. Ranging from automated complex telephony feature provisioning to dedicated support catering to business requirements.

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