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The CES Phones small business solution offers the high quality, state of the art features that boost productivity, and cost savings your business needs to succeed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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CES Phones Hosts and installs enterprise solutions custom designed to ensure maximum value at the lowest cost possible. Performance and ease of maintenance is what sets this phone system apart!


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Hosted PBX and VoIP Overview

Why Hosted PBX and VoIP vs. Premise Based PBX?

Businesses of all sizes today require high quality, reliable, and full featured phone systems (PBX) that simply work. It is also imperative that your PBX system is scalable so remains efficient as your business needs fluctuate. The answer to "Why Hosted PBX and VoIP" for your business is year over year cost savings and the piece of mind that comes with business continuity.

Benefits of CES Phones Hosted PBX and VoIP services:

  • Virtually eliminate the cost and complexity of your phone closet
  • A more capable sytem with with at a fraction of the cost of a traditional set up
  • Reduced monthly phone bills and service costs
  • Scalability to match your business needs as they change

CES Phones ProductsHosted PBX and VoIP... The Right Choice For Your Business?

CES Phones has helped many companies realize the tangible benefits of top teir Hosted PBX and VoIP services. If your business is in Retail, Medical Practice, Real Estate Brokerage, Law Firm, Accounting , or even small Call Centers, all have found that the quality, capability and value of CES Phones Hosted PBX and VoIP services meet and exceed their business requirements.

Phone Closets Are Obsolete

Investing in a phone system or PBX can be like buying a computer. In a few short months after purchasing a premise based PBX, it can be out dated and under powered and worth less than half of what you paid. Don't throw away your money on obsolete hardware, software, and professional services. The quality, reliability and business continuity of your CES Phones Hosted PBX and VoIP service rivals that of traditional high-end enterprise phone systems.

Best of all, CES Phones offers a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE taking away all the risk. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate why CES Phones has become the trusted communications partner for so many small to mid-sized businesses.

Give us a call at 302-319-9488 and let a CES Phones representatives help answer any questions you may have!