CES Phones

CES Phones ProductsThe CES Phones Call Center application is a advanced software tool that enables businesses to link employees from multiple locations into one central call center. Incoming calls are queued then routed to the next available agent regardless of location! Scheduled reporting is available on both individuals and groups. Reports can include average hold time, average time per call, number of minutes an agent was check-in/check-out, as well as other critical management data points.

This money-saving feature gives you the flexibility to assemble a full-featured call center with remotely deployed employees or local office workers with ease. With this sytem you'll have the ability to use virtual staff for all your call center requirements or hire part-timer employees on a moments notice to handle expected call volume spikes or for business continuity in the event of a unexpected disaster? The CES Phones Hosted PBX System provides the flexibility to adapt to changing needs on the fly.